Information from National HQ Bulletin  Department Adjutants and Quartermasters are asked to remind all Post officers to refer to the revised information located at where they will need to log in to the "My VFW” page and select the "VFW Training and Support” link, then "Member & Officer Training, Forms and Templates” where you’ll have access to "Training Guides & Standard Operating Procedures” and then click on "Ceremonial Rifles, Ammunition & Military Equipment” when requesting a "conditional” donation of any government military equipment, ceremonial rifles or ammunition.

Before contacting the governmental agency, a formal written request is to be addressed and mailed to the Adjutant General at VFW National Headquarters and must be completed and signed by the current Post Commander, Post Adjutant or Post Quartermaster, one of whom needs to be the contact person.

Also to be included is the contact person’s mailing address and phone number, not the Post address. Address the request to the Adjutant General, VFW National Headquarters, 406 West 34th Street, Kansas City, MO 64111.
Include the proper information as outlined in the "Ceremonial Rifles, Ammunition & Military Equipment” pages in the website. It is requested that a Post not go through their Department Headquarters (but send them a courtesy copy). This only slows down the processing and creates unnecessary paperwork for the Department personnel.