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Communities across the state benefit by having a local VFW Post as part of the neighborhood. Through our mission of "Honoring the Dead by Serving the Living”, we put our non-profit service organization mission into motion to improve America through these and other activities:
  • Color Guards for holiday events
  • Honor Guards to bury veterans with honor
  • Donations to charities, food pantries, libraries, youth projects, homeless shelters, and many other community initiatives
  • Volunteerism in community projects, holiday events, senior citizen outreach and youth programs
  • Adopting military units to support them during deployments
  • Loaning out free medical equipment
  • Flag Education & Disposal
  • Patriotic Programs
  • VFW Baseball
Learn more about the VFW’s Community Service by contacting your local post.

Community Service Program – If the fillable sections of this form do not calculate your information, download and save the form to your computer as "CSR Reporting Form Original File”.  Rename the file each time you complete the form to retain the original copy of the form to use in the future. Downloading the form should allow all users to type in the active fields and calculations should occur automatically.  If you prefer mailing a copy of your completed report to the program chairperson, send your form to:
Jodi Hartle
Community Service Chairman
Department of PA, VFW
P.O. Box 453
Clarion, PA.  16201
Phone: Cell # 814-229-8320


ACTIVITIES EVALUATION CHECKLIST Comm Serv  Amer  Youth Act  Drug  Safety  Legis
Donations to youth organizations X   X      
Donations to another non-Veteran group X          
Gold Star Mothers X X        
Donations to other Veterans groups X        
Donate to non-Veteran funeral dinner  X        
Attending non-Veteran funeral X          
Military/Veterans funerals X X        
Memorial service for Veteran at funeral home X X      
Flag donations to youth group/school  X X  X      
Drug program/youth X   X X  
Drug program/adults X     X  
Safety program/youth X  X    X  
Safety program/adults X     X  
Flying American Flag X  X      
Flying POW/MIA Flag X X      
POW/MIA Table X X      
Flag raising & other Americanism projects X X        
Youth groups/school programs X  X X      
Scouts X  X X  X  
Youth sports etc. X X      
National Home donations/projects X X X      
Attend National Home Michigan Day W/Colors X X X      
Scholarship Awards/youth X  X      
Projects to help other organizations/individuals X        
Projects to help other Veteran Org./Veterans X X        
Marching in parades X X  X      
Letters to Legislators/attending functions X  X       X
Day of Challenge X   X      
Camp Trotter donations or work X  X X      
Sending children to Camp Trotter X  X X      
Recognition of Police, Fireman, EMTs X X    X  X  
Attending other Veterans groups meetings X X       X
POW-MIA Rememberance X X        
Operation Uplink/MAP X X        
NOTE: Some projects have MONETARY limits before they are credited.



Cancer donations (Credit given by Department QM).


Hospital donations and blood drives (Credit on Hospital Report).

Donating the hall for a blood drive IS reportable! Beginning this year, hospital reports will NOT be forwarded to the Hospital Director!


Clean up and other projects on VFW property.


Attending VFW meetings for Post, County Council, District, POW-

WOW, Mid-Winter, Department Convention etc.


Saying the Pledge of Allegiance or posting the flag at Post events/meetings.


Donating the Post home for VFW, County Council, District meetings, Auxiliary meetings, Cooties meetings, VFW Riders meetings etc.


Doing fundraisers for the post such as fish fries, steak outs etc. are NOT reportable unless the profits are going to the relief fund or for a Veteran in need etc.


You MUST put a description for each project along with value, hrs., number of Post Members participating etc. Reports with no descriptions or inadequate descriptions will not be accepted.


Reports must be received by the 10th of the month to get credit for that month, ex: February’s reports must be received by March 10thto be credited for February, if received after March 10th it will go on the March reports not February’s!


 Visiting other Posts or VFW meetings.


The amount the IRS allows us to charge is $.14 per mile but YOU CANNOT CHARGE LABOR PER THE IRS and value of miles will be calculated by the Director.